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About this Web Site.


The main idea was to  share with family, relatives and friends, our trip to Russia in October 2001.

Not all of them read or speak the same language, this is why, the idea of a Multilanguage site.

The Animation & Artistic effects were applied in: Index, home and (Russemain, Arabicmain, Frenchmain, Englishmain) pages, as it was also applied to all pictures in the photo galleries.

It’s Like a Fairy Tale!!

First scene is the preloading message in 4 languages with Russian music and in the background, a Starlight sky moving

Let start with the “index page”:

My Welcoming message from my native land, land of the Cedars “Lebanon” in four languages, the text colors according to the Russian flag" White, Blue, Red” to the land of my ancestors Russia with the statue of Youri Dolgoruki “Founder of the city of Moscow”, the click of the Sony camera although I also used in my site pictures taken with my Nikon Camera.

The Aeroflot plane that we took, landing in Beirut and flying to Moscow with the sounds of the plane (landing and taking off).

Then, some links to: 

Animation page called “home page” pictures appears with the sound of the Camera:
Of Youri Dolgoruki, founder  
of "Moscow", the Moscow Governmental University “MGU”, the mouse in the balloon from “DETSKI MIR” the Biggest Toy Shop in Moscow and finally the Cuirassier from the “Museum of the ARMORY”.
Then to 4 pages, identical in contents (animations) but different in languages (
Russemain, Arabicmain, Frenchmain and Englishmain
), where, visitors can see, the official invitation from the Russian Embassy in Beirut, to attend and participate, in the work of the Congress of Compatriots held for the first time ( since the end of communist regime) in the Russian Federation, in Moscow on 11 and 12 October 2001

Photos pages with Comments, links you to two menus: The “Russian photo gallery menu” and the “Multilanguage photo gallery menu”, with comments, the  text is in three colors ”White, Blue , Red” Like the colors of the Russian flag.

The Russian Federation Flag

Info page, is the About this site
Guest Book Archives. Since I received too many visitors, I had to create, in a hurry, an archive page for Guest Book, in order to keep all your greetings and supports inside my site.

Finally, to entertain you all, while you wait for the movies to be loaded (especially those of you who have bad ISP providers, or slow internet connection "mine is not so fast") I added Russian tunes, for every page, a different tune.
                                                            “I just love Russian music”

For Background “blacks” color choice, the pictures are with comments and the text is like I explained before, in 3 colors for 3 languages, “blacks” color was the most appropriate for this type of background.


I hope that you  like my site and if required, visit my service link in the main site

Alexandre Youriyevitch Yordanov

More then 10 thousand visitors since launching in June 2004 with old hosting company