"Anniversary of 30 Years of War in Lebanon"


Anniversary of 30 Years of War in Lebanon April 13th 1975 - April 13th 2005
Updated in 2008
Anniversary of 33 Years of War in Lebanon April 13th 1975 - April 13th 2008"

Updated in 2011
Anniversary of 36 Years of War in Lebanon April 13th 1975 - April 13th 2011"

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Comments left by visitors

Assaad, USA

Thank you for sharing your ( well done but sad & true ) art  work
descriptions of a long & agonizing years of suffering. ( That brings sad tears ...)
 It is very important to replay these images to all Lebanese, so they  remember what the stupidity of the previous generations of differences of religion &  ideologies fed the war  with fire of hate and division.
I keep seeing on TV the new educated generation of young Lebanese from all  religions and walks of life strongly  united by the Lebanese flag, which brings  happy tears ....

Musallam, Dubai

I am really impressed by the great job you have done in representing the Lebanese civil war, I hope these days will be buried with the history, and that they will never come back.

Mich, Lebanon

Merci pour le happy birthday 13 avril .
tinzakar ma tin3ad as per the file message.

Danny, Dubai

Fantastique good job Mr. Spielberg

nowy, Bordeaux - France

je ne voulais pas entendre les tirs, ça me déchire le ventre, mais ça me fait mal quand même de repenser à la guerre, je déteste ça, pour moi c'est toutes ces années passées si loin ,  et que j'essaye d'oublier pour vivre mais qui me poursuivront toujours

Azzouz, Lebanon

ooooooooooouuuuuuuuuuuuuufffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffvery very very vvvvvvvveeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrryyyyyyy beautiful

Vladimir, Paris - France

Bravo pour ton diaporama, j'espère qu'on n'y reviendra pas

Kinda, Liban - France

Thanks c'est merveilleux. Je l'ai réexpédier à des amis...
merci encore

Solly, image-resource, France

Merci beaucoup Alexandre, Amicalement
Edgard B, Liban <<no way back to 1975>>
Carlos , Liban very nice. congratulations.
Imran, Dubai your subject content has touched the hearts and minds. in fact, this does not apply just for Lebanon, but world wide there are too many places and people suffering - we all say, no more! I applaud your creativity and talent in taking up such an emotion

Wissam, Lebanon

Merci bcp pour ce souvenir
sr Nazha, Liban Merci, tout est bon, prions pour la paix
Afsana, Dubai excellent brother
Damien-Bernadette, France Je viens de voir ton film sur les 30 de la guerre. Beau travail
Salah, Canada Many thanks  for the nice description of your ideas regarding the future of our country.

Raffi, USA

Hey alexandre excellent job. if you are the graduate from the college des peres antonins please contact me.

Rafic, Canada

I did see the animation and it opened so many wounds

Salam, Canada

Bravo Alex, Excellent site. J'espère que tu n'auras plus jamais à vivre une telle experience.

SARMAD, Lebanon

Super & very shivery, akid no way back
Pierre BH, Lebanon Vraiment, c'est extraordinaire. je savais depuis longtemps que t'es un pro. c'est merveilleux.
Bravo pour cette initiative et merci de votre soutien
Samir Samara Well said & done
Lebanese web team
Hi Alexandre,
Thank you for visiting ShooFiMaFi.com and for getting in touch with us. We appreciate you sharing this excellent animation with us, and we will surely share it with our friend.
The ShooFiMaFi.com Team

Nabil Phoenix,Arizona USA

Alec, amazing production. thanks for sharing it....those were truly insane times
Nicolas, Paris - France
Exellent resume sur la guerre du Liban, ca donne la  chaire de poule !
merci !
Claude- Liban it is very proactive. Lebanon needs people like you inside Lebanon and abroad.
Bernard, Paris - France De mon poste de travail je clique sur ton site... Je vois ce diaporama...et je pleure...
je pleurais d'émotion mon cher ami! Bravo pour cette compilation...
Camille,  Paris  - France well , we do remember such bad days in our country but we need to showen the world how our Lebanon it's not only 30 years of war ... more then thousands martyrs , woundeds & ... sand bags .
good job , god bless you and our Lebanon.

Georges, Los Angeles - CA

great job. simple. short and straight to the point. only thing i do not agree with - is your last message thanking our neighbors, the free world etc... no need for this: we were to blame and only us - so why do you expect others to come and help?!!!!!!

Jad BK, France

April 13th 1975, beginning of the nightmare. April 14th 2005, waking up to freedom. The nightmare has ended my friends. Let us not sleep on our differences because the awareness of those will make a brighter future for Lebanon!

A Medawar, Lebanon

Dear Alexandre Yordanov,
Many people  in Lebanon, including HayyaBina, think the same way you are. At HayyaBina, we are also sharing your love with cats, by the way. It is a very good thing that citizens do their duty toward our modern history, during the war, and after it, when Lebanon has been plunged into a State of corruption, robbery and mismanagement, allowing various kind of military occupations.
We will forward your short movie to our friends. Do not hesitate to contact us for further cooperation.
Best regards


christian chaoul

Great job, indeed no more back for 1975...keep up the good work guys. take care, Lebanon, at your service.

Dear Patriotic fellow,

We would like to thank you for your concern and inform you that we did ad a link in www.lebaneserights.org  for your stuff
And that we are ready to afford you any requested support.

Patriotically Yours



merci merci merci tonton d'être la mèmoire de mon pays de naissance!!!
suemaya au nom de tous les libanais et libanaises du monde entier un grand merciiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii en souhaitant ne plus parler de guerre au liban!!! nothing more to say except wish the best for all!!!!
SANA LABELLE it makes me cry basta i do love my country lebanon i love you ya lebnene bmoute fik
Mona D. Haddad hope all Lebanese people will think like you, you are a true and faithful  Lebanese. god bless Lebanon
Ihab - Munich - Germany great work, I hope we learned from  history...

Najib  Leb.Org

Of course I know your site, it was forwarded to me a while ago and I perfectly recall your very well done video of the war. I also think it was forwarded to me not only once! Keep me posted on new similar videos!

Xcoder (Vcoders.Com)

Amazing flash. Keep the good work together for a better Lebanon

Baba Sam

Dear ALEX.
I feel lucky to get knowing you closely may be more than many others. I lived three stages of your life. The first was an energetic young lad full of life and hopes, the second, a long suffering after a criminal bomb hit that you fought with the same energy and stubbornness, the third ALEX you boomed with all your hidden artistic touch. Allow me to congratulate you asking our LORD to be with you.

Update of Comments 2011
 on my facebook account link


Beirut, Lebanon

Marcelle Khoury Henoud Félicitations Alec. C'est très touchant... Tout comme toi, " No way to go back to 1975" and to the filthy war.
4 hours ago ·

Turin, Italy

Pascale Najjar Félicitations !!  Sans paroles..
2 hours ago ·


Pierre Vaudan Cher Alec, que d'émotions...
2 hours ago · Like


Jocelyne barakat.


Cyril Gedeon




Philiptchenko Michel  bravo sacha, c est très impressionnant

6 hours ago · Like

Stockholm, Sweden

Georges H Hourani Maestro!

2 hours ago · Like

Beirut - Lebanon

Rolla Ghandour Speechless and deeply touched.. Impressive presentation. Sad comments but meaningful, powerful and true.. ... Congratulation Alik.. This video is a masterpiece.. It is a greeting to all who were wounded, suffered and survived the war atrocities..and a flag of shame to all who contributed in their happenings. Remembering that you had to go through13 operations and how it changed your life.. i am proud of you my friend. "No way back to 1975"

about an hour ago · Like

Ton site"
http://www.yordanov-lebanon.com/animations/events.htm"  révèle d'un professionnalisme très pousse, d'un gout très raffiné et de beaucoup d'originalité..C'est un plaisir de le découvrir!! Chapeau Alik:)
22 minutes ago


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